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ICD-10 Delay: What It Means To You

Posted by Customer Care HIS

4/15/14 10:28 AM

ID-100246949When President Obama signed H.R. 4302 into law, it pushed back the compliance date for ICD-10 by at least one year.  The 10th revision of the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems introduces a significant change to the coding system.  That has some practitioners scrambling to accommodate the over 67,000 coding options in ICD-10. The extra year offered by H.R. 4302 buys them time to complete the transition, but at what cost?

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Reducing Documentation Costs for Physician Practices

Posted by Customer Care HIS

4/2/14 12:28 PM

ID-100181544Stagnant reimbursements and rising costs make finding ways to improve efficiency a critical initiative for healthcare providers.  Documentation costs for physician services can represent a very significant expense.  Better billing processes and more efficient management of electronic health records (EHRs) could help turn the tide. Upcoming changes to billing and coding, along with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act will make hospitals and physician practices turn to efficiency improvements as a way to cut costs, without cutting the quality of services.
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New Proposed "Doc Fix" Would Delay ICD-10 by 1 Year, at Least

Posted by Customer Care HIS

3/28/14 8:55 AM

ID-100200186Edited: We originally said the senate would vote today (3/28/14).  The Senate will vote on Monday 3/31/14.

This has been an interesting week for the healthcare community and promises to continue to be. First off, we learned that the March 31st deadline for individuals to sign up for mandated healthcare coverage through the Health Insurance Exchanges has been extended to sometime in April.  And yesterday, the House of Representatives approved a temporary Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) fix.

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Six Essential Items for ICD-10 Revenue Cycle Readiness

Posted by Customer Care HIS

3/26/14 1:12 PM

ID-100134419It seems no sooner have you finished preparing and implementing the ICD coding changes, than a new set is knocking on your door.  If those being implemented in 2015 have you wondering how to prepare for ICD-10, you are not alone.  Healthcare Finance News has drawn up a list of six things that absolutely must be done before, to ensure every area of your revenue cycle is ready.

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Topics: ICD-10, Revenue Cycle Management

End-to-End ICD-10 Testing: Are you Prepared?

Posted by Customer Care HIS

3/18/14 10:15 AM

According to a recID-10064588ent survey, less than 10% of physician practices are ready for the upcoming transition to International Classification of Diseases, 10th Edition (ICD-10), up from less than 5% a half year prior. Will you be ready for the 2015 changeover deadline or will this be all over again?

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