A Solution to All Your Billing Woes

Billing WoesCommon problems for physician practices include slow billing, inconsistent reimbursement, improper coding, poor quality of claims, etc. If your profitability is strained due to any (or all) of these issues, consider a partnership with HIS (Healthcare Information Services, LLC). HIS is a leading provider of Revenue Cycle Management and medical billing services, and will work with you to develop a solution to your billing problems.

Efficient and accurate medical billing practices are integral to a healthy revenue cycle; nothing negatively impacts your practice's bottom line faster than delayed or denied payment for services. Medical coding and billing is complex and confusing to the typical office worker, and errors commonly result from trusting an untrained individual to determine correct codes for treatment and submit a clean claim.

HIS as over 60 certified coders and an expert staff of more than 230 that have decades of experience leading medical practices to a profitable future. HIS' medical coders work one on one with physicians to gain an understanding of each client's specific needs. They review physician documentation thoroughly to determine the right code for the service performed. HIS codes directly from the dictated report to ensure that no revenue is lost as well as to make sure that claim is accurate and compliant. This process helps to increase the speed of submission, accuracy and reimbursement of each claim.

Timeliness when submitting claims is imperative to a quick reimbursement. Private payers often require submittal of claims within 60 days, and Medicare limits the window for claim disputation to 120 days.

With frequent changes in medical coding and procedures, keeping abreast of the revisions and updates is extremely challenging for your office staff; they simply don't have the time, training, or resources necessary to conduct the required analysis for accurate coding and billing, and with the transition to 5010 and ICD-10, the potential for errors and problems increases. HIS medical billing services team only utilizes certified coders who stay current on codes and procedures. In fact HIS has certified instructors and offer coding certification courses quarterly. HIS are truly experts and leaders in the revenue cycle management and medical billing industry.

HIS' expertise in the area of revenue cycle management and medical billing services will add revenue to your bottom line by reducing errors and speeding up the claims process. Increased revenue gives you the ability to grow your practice and improves your potential for long term viability.



Photo courtesy of Unhindered by Talent