EHR Solutions - Which Key Features Are Most Important?

Key Features to Consider with EHR SolutionsAs you consider investing in an electronic health records (EHR) system there are several key features you should look for during your research. Since an EHR solutions system can increase your practice's productivity, boost overall reimbursement levels, and improve patient care the decision of which EHR system to select is crucial.  As you investigate and evaluate EHR systems you should ensure that the one you choose is:
Designed for both speed and increased productivity: Your practice likely has the goal of seeing more patients, and in turn creating more revenue, as one of its primary business goals.  Choosing the right EHR solutions system can help meet this goal by providing quick and easy access to patient and practice records and streamlining workflow to increase productivity.

Adaptable to your practice's workflow: No two medical practices are alike and their EHR needs are likely very different as well. The EHR solutions system that you choose for your practice must be able to adapt to your unique needs and requirements.  The system should be easily customizable to meet your data, design, and functional needs and should also allow you control over how each component of the EHR is implemented.  

Comprised of various functionalities: Even though your practice is unique, there are standard components that you want to make sure are included in the EHR system you choose.  These components are helpful to practice management, patient care, and communication; including electronic prescription ordering, comprehensive patient data files, medical chart access and reporting, lab management, inventory and order management, and patient accessibility.

Certified as a complete EHR: Since the Federal Government now provides incentives to practices and physicians that have converted to using an EHR solutions system, you want to ensure that the system you choose falls within the required guidelines.  A system that is government certified as a complete EHR will help your practice qualify for the Medicare and Medicaid EHR incentives.

Choosing the right EHR system can help evolve your practice by providing high quality patient care within a more efficient system.  This is beneficial to patients, providers, and the practice's productivity!

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Photo courtesy of Chaiwat