Essential Healthcare Billing Strategies for Your Orthopedic Practice

medical billingOrthopedic practices come with their own set of challenges and because orthopedic doctors and surgeons deal with complex problems, billing can be more of a headache than usual. To take control of your billing, it is necessary to begin tracking your payments carefully, appealing denied claims, and updating your billing procedures to make them modern and efficient.

While you can try to implement these changes alone, it is best to partner with a service provider that specializes in orthopedic revenue management. Healthcare Information Services has its own orthopedic division to bring your healthcare billing problems under control.

Tracking Payments

One of the most common ways that revenue is lost in orthopedic practices is through underpayments and uncollected bills. The first step to rectifying this is to know exactly where these inefficiencies lie. A comprehensive study of your orthopedic practice's revenues is the best way to see where physicians might be under-billing, or where healthcare bills from patients are not being collected. Healthcare Information Services are experts in improving your cash flow by locating lost monies and making collections to outstanding accounts. This frees up money to grow your orthopedic practice, and lets your doctors concentrate on serving patients.


Another major area where orthopedic practices can lose out on healthcare billing revenue is in denied claims. With so much going on in an orthopedic practice, doctors and administrators do not always have the time to appeal denied claims that they otherwise would. Claims are sometimes denied for technical reasons that can be easily rectified, if it is someone's responsibility to oversee this work. When you partner with Healthcare Information Services, you know that all of your denied appeals are being looked at with a fine tooth comb. Our expert medical coders stay on top of appeals to maximize your healthcare billing revenue.

Updated Billing Practices

Orthopedic practices need a streamlined approach to healthcare billing that knows how to achieve a high claims rate and that never misses a billing deadline. Trying to keep track of all the paperwork can be a nightmare. HIS employs expert certified coders who submit your claims effectively and on time. Our electronic billing system ensures that no paperwork is ever lost in the shuffle, ensuring maximum revenue and cash flow.

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Photo courtesy of Kittikun Atsawintarangkul