5 Ways to Know if Your EHR is Losing Your Practice Money

HIS: EHR ImplementationElectronic health records can drive up your profits by increasing the efficiency of your workflow. Still, any medical service provider will tell you that not all EHR systems are created equal. Far from it, when implemented improperly, they can end up costing you more money than it's worth. But how do you know when to go back to the drawing board and find a new system of electronic health records?

Here are five things to look out for:

1) Difficult Use

An EHRs should simplify your workflow, not complicate it. If the system is too complex or confusing, physicians end up spending too much time wading through the interface, instead of meeting with patients. HIS uses SRSsoft, a system that is designed for ease of use. Even doctors with little computer experience have no trouble enter data quickly and accurately.

2) Lack of Compatibility

One barrier to EHR efficiency involves systems that do not adapt a workplace's networks. When staff have to learn a new system, productivity suffers. SRSsoft, unlike many electronic health records, adapts to a service provider's existing workflow. Instead of costing you money in training and lost productivity, staff can enjoy a seamless transition to your new electronic health records.

3) Lack of Features

A good EHR system has to do more than contain patient records. If your system has only one functionality, that could be a sign that it's costing you revenue. Look for other functionalities that can help save your practice money and time.

4) Lack of Support

You might not think it, but a good EHR system is made up of more than electronic data - it is also made up of humans. Even with the best electronic health records, you will always need support from your supplier. If your system does not include customer support, you could be losing money when you have a question, or when something goes wrong. HIS always provides customer support for SRSsoft. Whatever your concerns are, a human will always be available to address them. All support is domestic as well... 100% USA.

5) Not Certified as Complete

Federal certification exists for a reason. If your EHR is not certified by the government as complete, it could be costing you money. For one, the system is less likely to be fully functional. More importantly, only government certified systems can qualify for Medicare and Medicaid incentives. By using SRSsoft, you can ensure that you are not losing important incentives that the government is providing.

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Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net