Reportable Documentation is the Foundation of Meaningful Use

ID 10040576Dictation is an essential part of the clinical story, and there is often a lot to navigate with compliance standards.  The big question is, how can you fulfill meaningful use requirements?  

There are three stages of meaningful use, and each has a unique criteria to meet.  Meaningful Use has 15 Core Criteria (all criteria must be met) and 10 Menu Criteria (providers chose 5 of the 10).  Also, just added, are 20 measures for EPs (17 core and 3 of 6 menu) and 19 measures for eligible hospitals (16 core and 3 of 6 menu).  

In addition to all of these requirements, there are many rules that can exclude healthcare facilities to be excluded from meeting Meaningful Use requirements.

Medical documentation, designed to maintain provider productivity and support satisfaction, is vital to the success of your EHR implementation.  With all of the rules, and exceptions tied to Meaningful Use, it is imperative to find EHR and Transcription services that meet these needs.

That being said, we’re excited to share, the recording and slides from our latest webinar, Reportable Documentation is the Foundation of Meaningful Use.

In this recording Steve Palmisano, President of Emdat, Inc, outlines:

  • The differences between Stage I and II Meaningful Use  

  • Documentation methods (historical, current and future)

  • How to meet Meaningful Use and maintain productivity

  • Documentation integration with your EHR

Andy Salmen, Business Development for Healthcare Information Services, LLC. closes the webinar with a question and answer session.

Download the webinar slides and recording now.



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