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The Coding Corner: A Thyroid Fine Needle Aspiration vs. A Thyroid Biopsy

Posted by Katie Gutwein

7/6/11 5:16 PM

The Coding Corner is a bi-monthly feature, which highlights the most up-to-date medical coding tips, information, and legislation.  HIS has over 60 Certified coders, who are experts in ensuring proper coding to guarantee compliance and maximize reimbursement.Following is an e-mail and information that we sent to all our hospital-based radiologists.  These documents include:
  • Explanation of the variances between Thyroid Nodule FNA and Thyroid Biopsy
  • Difference between CPT code choice 10022 or 60100
  • A report example of conflicting verbiage.
In serving our clients, we at all times, aim to keep you informed on all industry news. Occasionally, like today, we like to give you a little refresher course.
Dear Doctors, Below is information that I hope will help clarify the differences between a thyroid fine needle aspiration and a thyroid biopsy.  This is a procedure that is performed quite often across our clientele.  It can certainly cause confusion among coders when documentation is not crystal clear as to what procedure was actually performed. If you have any questions once you have reviewed this information, please comment, below.

Thyroid fine needle aspiration vs. thyroid biopsy
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