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Credentialing Effects on Reimbursements for Orthopedic Practices

Posted by Healthcare Information Services (HIS)

10/20/14 1:00 PM

credentialingOrthopedic practices often suffer from revenue stream issues stemming from a number of different causes. The reimbursement process is complicated enough without holding it back due to issues within a practice, and yet there are common concerns which plague orthopedic practices if not carefully monitored. One of these issues is the credentialing process for providers.

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Everything You Need to Know About Bundled Payments

Posted by Healthcare Information Services (HIS)

10/7/14 2:00 PM

27722f2v1xolxxp-resized-600Traditionally, healthcare service providers have, as much as possible, charged patients separately for each of the services and supplies provided. It is not only appropriate, but also essential, for providers to assure that they are being optimally reimbursed for the services they render.  However, this has at times led to an over-utilization of services by some resulting in efforts by third-party payors and CMS to look for further reduction of reimbursement based on fee for services and evaluate alternative methods to reimburse providers for the care.

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Payor Contract Compliance & Tracking Reimbursements: Are You Being Paid Correctly?

Posted by Healthcare Information Services (HIS)

9/4/14 9:00 AM

Payor_Contract_ComplianceIf you are a practicing physician in this market, you may wonder why you are working long hours and seeing as many patients as you can, yet the amount of money you are collecting seems to be decreasing.  You cannot identify the problem and it seems as though your billing system is working.  Bills are going out and collections are coming in but something is just not right.

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Can Physicians Ignore the HITECH Act?

Posted by Healthcare Information Services (HIS)

9/5/12 12:02 PM

HIS The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act is part of the government's overall economic recovery plan. The HITECH act aims to ensure that all medical service providers move toward a system of  EHR by 2014. It also requires the adoption of meaningful use standards. While EHR implementation and meaningful use can present great challenges for any healthcare provider undergoing a transition, ignoring them comes at a serious cost. Bob Chaput of Clearwater Compliance says it's time to "get serious" about following HITECH. Healthcare Information Services has the experience and knowledge to guide your company through compliance with the HITECH Act.

Incentive Payments

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Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Update

Posted by Healthcare Information Services (HIS)

7/21/12 10:30 AM


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