6 Best Practices for Healthcare Website Design

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Healthcare Website Design 101

If your healthcare practice does not have a website, then you are missing out on a huge chunk of referrals to your practice. Websites are becoming increasingly important in the healthcare industry, particularly as nearly all audiences have moved to online methods of searching for a new healthcare provider rather than a phone book. If you have a website or are looking to have a new one made, make sure to follow these six best practices for healthcare website design. 

1. Focus on High Quality Content

Your website design should be inclusive of high quality content. As a healthcare professional, everything about your website design must be high quality to show potential patients that you are established and an expert in your field. This can be achieved with website copy, service pages that precisely describe what your practice offers, and blog articles to help current and future patients. When paired with high quality imagery, visitors will immediately have a positive reaction to your business and will be more inclined to contact your office. 

2. Create Clear Calls to Action

Your healthcare website should be designed to get potential patients to contact your business. Your website is doing little good to you if it is not leading people to actually inquire more or schedule an appointment. One way to increase lead generation is to incorporate better calls to action throughout your website design. You may do this by creating a “contact us” tab on your site, “request an appointment” pop ups, or an email form after each service page so that users can directly email your practice. Your healthcare practice should also have the phone number and address on your website’s footer and/or header so that it is easy to contact your office for more information.

3. Ensure all Website Information is Medically Accurate

As we said in the first point, content is essential to a great healthcare website design. It is especially important, however, that all content is medically accurate. Doctors are often not the people who are writing this content, but a medical professional should absolutely read over content before it goes up on the website. If it is inaccurate, the medical practice may lose credibility. Be sure to also include supporting resources if possible so that potential patients have access to trustworthy information related to their condition or services needed.

4. Allow Users to Make Appointments or Contact the Office Online

More and more often, users want to be able to schedule everything in their lives online. It makes life easier and more convenient. Even if your healthcare practice can’t have appointments made online, they should at least be able to request an appointment or send an online message to your practice. With potential patients reaching out to your practice online, your team can then contact them via phone or email to follow up and finish the appointment creation process.

5. Target Your Practice’s Location and Surrounding Area

Your website content should absolutely include location information for search purposes. You definitely want your healthcare practice to show up first in search results for doctors in your area, as users are not typically searching past the first couple of pages. To succeed at this, your practice’s content must have a location focus and proper business listings.

6. Include Information About Your Doctors

Our last tip is to increase credibility and rapport with potential patients by including brief bios about your healthcare professionals online. Include a headshot and information about the doctor’s professional and educational background. Users enjoy learning more about a healthcare provider before they decide to make an appointment, and are now able to do this easily online to compare providers. If this information is missing, they may simply choose to use a different practice.

Get Professional Healthcare Website Design Support

In addition to our wide array of practice management services for healthcare providers, Health Information Services (HIS) proudly offers website development and maintenance services. As experts in healthcare practice management, we understand exactly what is necessary to keeping a healthcare practice functioning. HIS will handle your website development project to ensure it is going to be a successful tool for generating more business. Contact us today to learn more.