Advantages of Improved Practice Management Strategy



There’s more to your medical practice than just caring for your patients. You’re not only running a practice, but also a business and that comes with the responsibility of taking care of a multitude of tasks. If you don’t have time to manage the operations of your busy practice, partnering with an expert to provide you with the playbook and execution plan might be right for you. Our practice management and practice consulting services, at HIS, have helped many physicians and practices improve efficiency and boost revenue over the last three decades. Listed below are some advantages of our practice management services and how they can make your medical practice more effective.

The Benefits of Practice Management Services at HIS

Improved Office Efficiency

One of the leading causes of patient dissatisfaction and decreased revenue is office inefficiency. Efficiency is vital when balancing quality patient care and running your practice. If your medical practice is inefficient, you can find yourself wasting time and resources, resulting in low patient satisfaction rates, bigger expenses and irritated staff. If these concerns build up, your practice can experience fewer visits from patients – meaning less revenue through the door. At HIS, we can help improve the efficiency of your practice. Our practice management services provide help in areas where your practice needs assistance, from everyday tasks like managing patient records to managing your revenue cycle.

Boost in Revenue

Outsourcing portions of your practice management like your revenue cycle  can decrease costs and also increase your revenue. With a reliable and effective revenue cycle process, you can speed up turnaround-time on claims and turn your services into cash faster. Revenue cycle management is one of the greatest benefits of being a client with HIS. We’ll manage the revenue cycle for your practice that is specific to your specialty and maximize reimbursements in the process. We’ll also help you minimize billing errors through an effective coding process, denial management and appeals process – taking the weight off your shoulders.

Consulting Services

Consulting services are an additional benefit of outsourcing practice management with HIS. With over 30 years of experience, our consultation services come from a position of authority and years in the industry. You can trust us to manage and advise your practice with ample knowledge and skill to help your business grow. With our consultative services, we can help you determine the strengths and weaknesses of your practice by performing workflow and operational assessments. By identifying these challenges and growth points, we can position your practice to take advantage of growth opportunities and meeting challenges head-on.

Partner with HIS

If you’re in need of practice management and consulting services, HIS is ready to partner with your medical practice. We can be the direct contact for addressing your medical billing and cash flow problems. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help your practice, contact us today to experience the HIS difference.