Augmenting Your Outsourced RCM

Still doing most of the heavy lifting after outsourcing your RCM?

If your practice outsources revenue cycle management (RCM) to an Electronic Health Records(EHR) software vendor, or another IT Firm; you probably will find out sooner rather than later that you are still being asked to do much of the heavy lifting when it comes to handling the business-side (managing the billing and revenue cycle) of your practice. Even if you are happy with your EHR handling the billing, you may still feel yourself spending way too much time handling the other important aspects of your practice’s revenue cycle, when you would much rather be spending time focused on growing your practice and providing expert medical care. Healthcare Information Services (HIS) can augment your outsourced RCM and get your practice the efficiency and results you were looking for in the first place.


When outsourcing RCM, many tech companies will handle the easy part of the billing process just fine, that is claim submission, but leave out important aspects of the revenue cycle like coding, detailed and rigorous denial management, and patient collections. When these aspects are not given the same attention, the entire revenue cycle suffers.


Augment the management of your Revenue Cycle with HIS

For practices interested in augmenting the billing services they already outsource, HIS can help with coding, denial management, and patient collections so that you aren’t left doing all of the heavy lifting. This will save time, create greater efficiencies within your practice, and ultimately make your practice more profitable.


Coding: The coding experts at HIS are always on top of the latest updates. They will manage all coding to ensure a decrease in coding errors and denials. Our experts can also provide training to your staff. 


Denial Management: When your EHR vendor is only dealing with essentially claim submission, HIS can ensure that denials are properly managed, worked and submitted correctly or if needed appealed. We will determine the cause of the denial, trend the denial type, measure those trends and affect necessary changes to minimize and/or eliminate denials whenever possible. In the end, we ensure revenue that should be obtained is not lost.


Management: Your EHR is most likely not supplying your practice with necessary expert guidance and partnership that a firm who specializes in revenue cycle management and consulting would provide as a part of their revenue cycle services. HIS has extensive experience running the business end of medical practices and developing strategic growth opportunities to secure a more stable future.


HIS Can Fill in the Gaps of Your EHR

If your EHR vendor is not handling everything you need them to, HIS can help fill in the gaps where you need us. We are not a one-size-fits-all company; we will identify your business needs and work to fill in the areas that tech companies aren’t covering for your practice. If you are sick of doing the heavy lifting while still paying a percentage to your EHR vendor, considering partnering with HIS to take the load off of your staff and practice. You deserve a partner who is committed to the success of your practice as much as you are. Ultimately, HIS will help make your practice more profitable and efficient so that doctors can focus on being doctors. Contact HIS today to learn more.