Why Should You Use A Physician Billing Service?

Physician BillingPhysicians focus on their mission to provide quality healthcare to patients, relying on their office staff to manage the financials of the practice. But Revenue Cycle Management procedures like medical coding and billing are as integral to the long term viability of a physician's practice as providing high quality healthcare. Clean claims translate into quick and consistent reimbursement  for services, providing a consistent stream of monthly revenue. Claims containing errors result in delayed or denied payments, increased labor costs due to time spent correcting problems, and the potentially high opportunity cost of allocating office staff to focus on appeals and resubmissions of claims.

Frequent claims issues can have serious negative impact on your practice; if this problem sounds familiar to you, medical billing services may be a solution worth exploring. Consider a partnership with HIS (Healthcare Information Services, LLC;  a leading provider of Revenue Cycle Management and medical billing services.

HIS is committed to developing a relationship with your physician practice, delivering proactive strategies that help identify areas of opportunity for improvement in coding, billing, office processes, and better allocation of resources to reduce redundancy. 
If your practice is typical, the office staff is so busy with day to day front office duties along with running the administrative side of the business that they may be working in a reactive mode; addressing issues that arise, handling them to the best of their ability, but doing little to solve the root cause of the problem. When medical billing is performed in-house by your office staff this can result in substantial lost revenue when claims come back due to improper submission. HIS medical billing services will actively partner with your staff to develop a efficient, consistent, correct billing system. HIS' medical billing services team is comprised of certified coders who stay current on the frequent coding changes and are already preparing for the ICD-10 transition scheduled to launch October 2013, staying ahead of the game to enable your revenue cycle to maintain a consistent flow.

HIS'  proactive approach to healthcare Revenue Cycle Management means that medical coding and billing, one of the biggest challenges to the typical practice, is not managed reliably, enhancing your ability to manage your budget. 

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