The Future of Healthcare Documentation

The Furture of Healthcare DocumentationWhen President Obama revealed his dream for a national EMR/EHR system in his 2008 inaugural address, our nation's healthcare providers were given notice that current industry paradigms were under scrutiny, and that change was in the wind. The paper-based medical records and documentation processes that are the current standard are slow, unwieldy, and speak to the past of healthcare, not to the future. The future of healthcare documentation lies in an EHR implementation.

Records entered electronically into an EHR system are instantly available to all healthcare providers involved, from physicians to hospitals. A computerized patient order entry (CPOE) means prescriptions will arrive at the pharmacy the instant the physician writes the order, and will be waiting for the patient when they arrive to pick it up. EHR implementation also increases safety; the system will check for contraindications electronically at the time the order is written.

As a physician, you rely on science and empirical evidence to make decisions on how to treat your patients. With the right EHR solution, you gain access to a limitless supply of medical information, research, data, and history, enabling you to broaden your scope of knowledge and improve patient outcomes with better diagnoses and lowered costs due to increased efficiency.  Your documentation practices should support your decision making process by combining speed with accuracy in a user friendly platform. 

Not all EHR software are created equal; many over-promise and under deliver, resulting in a drop in your practice's productivity due to poor performance of the system. Medical documentation should be easy to enter, access, and manage; the key is a collaborative partnership with the right company. Healthcare Information Services, LLC (HIS) combines technological expertise and real-world industry experience. HIS is the nation's only certified reseller of SRSsoft, the healthcare industry leader in EHR based solutions. SRS has a 100% adoption rate; proving that it is the EHR software of choice for physician groups around the country.  

Notes, orders and prescriptions written by hand or created through a "point and click" system slow you down and have increased potential for error. HIS will work with your practice to develop an EHR software that allows fast, easy documentation entry by the physician or healthcare provider at the point of service, rather than having the information imported into the EHR by support staff at a later date. Your practice will reap the benefits of lower costs, greater efficiency and higher quality healthcare for your patients.

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