Preparing To Implement An EHR

Implementing and EHRAdopting an EMR/EHR system for your busy Orthopedic practice can provide numerous benefits, but thorough preparation is the key to maximizing benefits and gaining widespread acceptance of EMR/EHR implementation. Based on initial feedback received and disseminated by the New England Journal of Medicine, Medical Group Management Association (MGMA), Blue Cross, and other respected sources, the benefits of the traditional EMR/EHR have been mixed at best.

From the New England Journal of Medicine: "We have observed the EHR become a powerful vehicle for perpetuating erroneous information, leading to diagnostic errors that gain momentum when passed on electronically", and a government funded NE Journal of Medicine study reported only 4% of physicians reported having an extensive, fully functional EMR/EHR system.

MGMA reports: "...medical practices using EHR reported a decrease in physician productivity of up to 15% usually lasting a year or more".

A 2008 Blue Cross of Massachusetts concluded that based on its findings, there is no positive ROI for EMR/EHR implementation.

Evidence suggests that traditional "point and click" EMR/EHRs aren't meeting expectations, let alone exceeding them. They are proving cumbersome,difficult to navigate, and have been accused of depersonalizing the doctor/patient relationship. Doctors report a steep learning curve that causes a perceived negative impact to quality of patient care, causing them to quickly revert to the old methods of handwritten dictation and exam notes. Once this happens, ROI from an EHR implementation dissipates, and the system becomes little more than a document management system.

The key to success is the right system and a collaborative partnership with the right health information technology company to assist with implementation. Healthcare Information Services, LLC. (HIS) is the industry leader in healthcare informatics. HIS is the nation's only certified reseller of SRSsoft, the preeminent productivity-enhancing EHR solution developed for high-performance physicians.

is not a traditional "'point and click" EHR; its capabilities create an integrated system with robust functionality that improves your practice's productivity. SRS has a 100% adoption rate attributed to ease of use, quick implementation, expedited training programs for doctors and office staff along with practice management and claims management applications that adapt to individual physician preferences, improving physician task management. HIS is dedicated to ensuring your practice group is well prepared and confident with their EMR/EHR implementation. 

An EHR implementation is an exciting step forward into the future of the healthcare industry. A partnership with HIS ensures you are well prepared.

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