Expert Billing Equals An Efficient Medical Practice

Efficient Medical Billing ServicesThe efficiency of your practice's healthcare revenue cycle management is directly related to the quality of your medical billing process. Claims that are submitted timely and free of errors result in quick payment or reimbursement for services, and provide a steady stream of revenue for your practice. But the challenge to achieving high efficiency medical billing lies in its complexity; coding procedures change frequently, physician's documentation can make correct code identification difficult, and when problems develop too often offices lack the resources to resubmit claims or appeal a denial, resulting in significant loss of income.

For the practice to run efficiently, your billing and coding team must possess the expertise to submit clean claims, complete with proper coding and accurate documentation, aggressively mange and reconcile denials as well as the resources to collect on outstanding A/R. Any breakdown in the system translates into a slowdown in your healthcare revenue cycle management process which has a ripple effect on the rest of your practice and causes cash flow problems. The key to a financially healthy practice is a revenue stream that is consistent and robust. It is extremely difficult to provide quality healthcare when you are struggling to pay your bills.

The solution is to have a consummate medical billing team for your practice. Healthcare Information Services, LLC (HIS) is a leading company in healthcare revenue cycle management, combining hands on industry experience with unparalleled technical expertise. HIS' certified coders use state of the art software for claims scrubbing and internal quality control procedures to quickly improve the efficiency of your practice by providing the highest quality billing and collections, giving you peace of mind and enabling you to focus on treating your patients. HIS also partners with a third party clearinghouse, which performs a final review and makes any further edits, also providing feedback to HIS on the quality of the claims submissions, enabling us to monitor our clean claims rates with accurate, specific benchmarks.

Finally, HIS certified coders perform an Auditing and Compliance program to make sure that all billable charges are captured to maximize your practice's revenue.

Expert billing translates into increased efficiency for your practice. HIS will work with you to develop the optimal solution for improving your healthcare revenue cycle management by working closely with your organization to design an approach that meets the unique needs of your busy practice, eliminates common issues that plague the typical practice, and provides long term potential for growth. 

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