Productivity Focused EHRs: Outlasting Government Incentives

EHR IncentivesPeople are driven by many things; passion, emotion, empathy, obligation; and on and on it goes. For business the bottom line is the bottom line. Dollars and cents rule the day. 

So it goes for EHR (Electronic Health Record) companies. Just like the dot-com bubble burst; so too will this abundance of EHR’s. The reason is simple; the marketplace is flooded. Doctors are also unhappy with many of these smaller providers as they were rushed through government compliance; many physicians simply sat down with whatever EHR provider was there once the music stopped.

The main aspects of a quality EHR solutions boil down to three things; speed, productivity and usability. 

Speed: Speed is determined by screen responsiveness, amount of clicks required to get to patient information, and increased speed from page to page. In medicine, seconds count; you can't be burdened down by slow response times. You need to be working with an EHR who has streamlined workflow, enhanced speed, and acute customer loyalty.

Productivity: Productivity is about making the most of every second of every day. The repetitive nature of medicine means that there's a lot of the same things being done day-in and day-out. But what does all that add up to? If every time a prescription is generated takes an extra 5 seconds; what does that add up to at the end of the year? How about 30 seconds? You want to be working with an EHR solutions provider who is sensitive to these seconds and allows for maximum productivity to be achieved.

Usability: Usability is not just defined by speed and productivity but also by the EHR incentives portion of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act - also known as the Economic Stimulus Plan. Physicians have known for some time that the seconds are ticking down on these EHR solutions benefits. Participation in this program is provides incentives now but once the benefits are gone, they're gone. And then the incentives turn into penalties for non-compliance.

EHR software technology is the future. And while some physicians have procrastinated about taking advantage of upgrading their systems, the benefits are abundantly clear. As a user you want to be working with EHR solutions which make sense for your practice; EHR solutions which are set apart from everyone else.  One such system which fills all these parameters is our SRS Soft EHR.
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