Checking Your EHR Sources

checking sourcesIt can be easy to get lost in the sea of electronic health record (EHR) information available to physicians and practices.  Everywhere you turn there's a new "expert" ready to be a source for you as you investigate the available EHR options.  But how do you know what is accurate and what information is not to be trusted?  

Checking your sources is critical in learning more about EHR solutions and what may be right for your practice.  You want to ensure that you have accurate and reliable information as you learn more about EHR.  

  • Pay particular attention to sources that have an established track record for credibility within your specialty.  Since medical specialties are so varied it is essential to find an EHR solutions source that coordinates with your practice's specific needs. 

  • You may want to ask similar practices or other physicians where they turn for information or who they trust. This may be especially helpful if you are dedicated to finding a local EHR source that understands both your practice and the local community.  

  • Consider investigating online medical resources such as AAOS, AAOE and MGMA to hear other professionals' opinions and experiences with EHR.  Since these resources provide more opinion based content be sure to read plenty of information and seek out multiple reviews before forming any judgements.

  • Many EHR providers have online information sections or blogs dedicated to the evolution of the EHR industry, government guidelines, and practical uses. Since these may be slanted toward a particular product or provider make sure to seek out a variety of sites to get a full picture of EHR sources.

  • There are a variety of independent EHR websites that seek to inform the medical community about EHR solutions.  As you investigate these as possible EHR sources you should ensure that the information is from a credible source and not just baseless claims or information.

  • In the end, talk to other physicians actually using the system. Make sure to compare testimonials and references to ensure that the EHR you select is one that has a great track record.