ICD-10 Coding Kit

Coding Kit, Partner with HISAs a leading healthcare revenue cycle management provider, Healthcare Information Services (HIS) is dedicated to helping you make a smooth transition from the ICD-9 coding system and the ICD-10 system.

This daunting shift is due to be complete by October, 2013. Important decisions and challenges face healthcare professionals during this time frame. Will you hire someone to do your billing or will you do it yourself? An increasing number of healthcare organizations now hire out this process to ensure competent and accurate work, which statistics show can very often result in significantly better reliability.

Yet some practices do not wish to outsource the management of their revenue cycle to an outside party. If you are such a practice, how can and will you best implement ICD-10 without losing quality or expertise... and in the end dollars? ICD-10, along with containing tens-of-thousands of new codes will create new complexities with claim submission and successful management of denials. Physicians must be prepared for the changes that come with ICD-10 and how it can significantly affect your reimbursements and bottom-line.

At HIS, we can work with your staff to ensure that your coding is error-free. By starting now, your staff will be trained and your transition, complete with time for you and your staff to establish and adjust to a new, ICD-10 compliant solution for your company.

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Download our free ICD-10 Coding Kit to help better prepare your practice for the coming transition.

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