EHR Case Study with SRS Productivity Focused Hybrid EHR

SRS EHR Case StudyIn an EHR case study with SRSsoft, one of the country's busiest orthopedic practices found that selecting SRS as their EHR system resulted in a quick implementation, high payback in a timely manner and a manageable learning curve for physicians and staff members. The group found that SRS allowed their group to grow considerably in terms of patients and physicians while maintaining cost.

The client had over 60 manual chart processes that SRS condensed into 7 groups, which included:

  • Find the Chart

  • Create Temporary Charts

  • Chart Prep

  • Find the Chart

  • Loose Sheet Processing

  • Transcription Processing

  • Extra Steps

These 7 automatic processes encompass every manual process that the client would otherwise perform on their own.

The time savings associated with the switch from paper processing to SRS were as high as 59%, which constitutes clinically significant results.  With SRSsoft, the client took 8.9 seconds and 11 clicks to complete a basic chart review, refill an ePrescription, and log an order for future tracking. The same processes took 42.9 seconds and 27 clicks by traditional EHR.

SRSsoft works in partnership with Healthcare Information Services to provide you with real-world solutions. SRSsoft focus on client service and physician productivity is one reason SRS-EHR is the leading choice among orthopedic practices.

HIS offers a Bundled Service: SRS-EHR and HIS's Revenue Cycle Management Services together. This premier option mitigates the up-front costs associated with the software, hardware and implementation of an EHR purchase and means Zero Capital Out-Lay. 

HIS will amortize the hardware and software costs into HIS’ monthly service fee, allowing you to enjoy the benefits and costs savings with no upfront cost.

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