The Optimization Process of Electronic Health Records

EHR Implementation

The optimization of Electronic Health Records is imperative to fully maximize on all its possible benefits. EHRs take a lot of time and research to implement, but the results are well worth it. Orthopedic practices should follow these steps in order to take full advantage of their EHR system:

  • Planning and Preparation – Switching to an EHR isn’t something that can be done overnight. Picking the right Electronic Health Records system is key. Once you've chosen the right ERH, be sure to have sufficient training so your staff can become familiar with the system to prevent confusion once the process goes live. HIS offers SRSsoft, a productivity based EHR system, designed especially with orthopaedics in mind.

  • Review and Assessment – Go over the current documents of your orthopedic practice, and determine what needs to be eradicated and what needs to be added. Pinpoint your current practice’s financials and goals, and develop a plan that meets the needs of your practice. SRS-EHR is easily customizable to meet the needs and design preferences of individual physicians.

  • Training – This is an extremely important aspect of the process. Employees in your office that will be using the system on a daily basis will need to be trained accordingly. If they don’t understand, the system will be of little use. With SRS, your are provided with unlimited onsite training. This dedication to our clients is why we have a 100% success rate on implementations. It one reason why SRS is rated #1 in KLAS for Customer Service.

  • Seek a Partnership with HIS – This is a definite recipe for success. As an orthopedic practice, it would be in your best interest to partner with HIS for your EHR and revenue cycle needs. HIS can roll the costs of an EHR purchase into our monthly service fee providing you with a low to no-upfront cost expert solution. It is the best of both worlds: expert billing, full revenue cycle management services, and the leading orthopedic productivity focused EHR w/ SRSsoft.

SRS' Electronic Health Record is beneficial to any type of orthopedic practice. More Orthopedic practices use SRS than any other EHR in the country. From solo practices to large clinics... SRS is the preferred choice of orthopedic surgeons and their practices. 

Take your time and follow the aforementioned steps to ensure maximum ROI and the success of your business.Feel free to contact us or leave a comment below.

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