ICD-10: Expert Responses to the Deadline Delay

Expert Response to ICD-10With the upcoming transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10, many healthcare providers are in a panic. With the number of procedure and diagnosis codes to increase substantially, there are many areas that providers need to upgrade to ensure compliance, including reimbursement processes, capturing codes and call volumes. The recently announced deadline delay for ICD-10 compliance will help, no doubt, but there are still many challenges facing the healthcare industry. The experts agree that there are a few key steps that healthcare providers need to take to ensure they are meeting the requirements for ICD-10.  


One of the most involved aspects of any healthcare provider is their billing services. Changes that are coming with ICD-10 will require an overhaul of the ways that companies do their billing. While many companies still choose to do their billing themselves, experts recommend that you hire a healthcare revenue cycle management company, such as HIS, with certification in ICD-10. With ICD-10 on the horizon, now is the perfect time to make the switch. HIS can manage your billing with greater accuracy. We help your revenue cycle by making your collections faster and more successful, reducing your administrative costs and allowing you to focus on providing quality care. We also offer the best in billing management by monitoring all aspects of your payments to ensure that you are getting your maximum payouts.

Claim Submission and Denial Management

The biggest bureaucratic headache that healthcare providers endure involves submitting insurance claims and managing denials. ICD-10 will only make this more complicated. Hiring HIS is a smart way to have these cumbersome tasks taken care of for you. A good management provider will have the expertise and knowledge to adapt to the new reimbursement processes without hassle. With the tens of thousands of new codes, HIS is your best option for dealing with claims submissions and handling claims denials successfully.


With over 65,000 new codes about to hit us, your employees need to be well-versed in ICD-10 compliance to avoid headaches down the road. Partnering with a healthcare expert, in coding and billing, to train your staff can ensure error-free coding. This will save you time and money. Healthcare Information Services specializes in training staff to comply with ICD-10 codes. 

Let us know us know how we can help you make your transition to ICD-10 as seamless as possible.

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