ICD-10: The Road to Implementation

Road to changeICD-10 will create serious headaches for healthcare providers. Tens of thousands of new codes means that your company will not only have to change its diagnostic procedures, but will have to manage the errors that result from such a huge shift. ICD-10 will affect all areas of the industry, including billing, claims submission, staff training, and resource management. Implementing your company's compliance with ICD-10 can be best accomplished by hiring an outside service provider to manage it for you. Healthcare Information Services can guide your company through the complexities of ICD-10 implementation, making the transition as smooth as possible.


One of the most complex aspects of ICD-10 implementation will be getting your staff up to speed on the new codes and procedures that ICD-10 mandates. Healthcare Information Services can do an assessment of your employees to ascertain the gaps in their knowledge relating to ICD-10. We will train your staff in all the relevant details of ICD-10 to make sure they are compliance ready. Instead of simply showing your employees how to comply with a given piece of legislation or use new technology, our experts will inspire them to understand how the new system works, ensuring that they will be able to adapt to new challenges as they come.


Your day-to-day operations will be affected by the implementation of ICD-10. To be prepared for it, your company needs to tackle the problem of coding as early as possible to ensure compliance. While you might be tempted to do this on your own, the risks are too great to turn down the help of outside expertise. Healthcare Information Services employs highly trained coders with intimate knowledge of ICD-10. Our experts will help your physicians meet their filing deadlines in order to avoid denials. We will work with your doctors one-on-one to establish constant communication and personal relationships to guarantee coding is done properly and on-time.

Denial Management

One consequence of ICD-10 is that claims using improper coding are likely to be denied by insurers. While you will do everything you can to avoid denials, they are an inevitable part of any major industry shift. HIS employs experts at managing denied claims. We can take over your appeals processes, submitting them within the required 120 days and maximizing your chances of success. Instead of managing paperwork, your doctors will be able to focus on treating their patients.

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