7 Immediate Benefits of EHR Implementation

smiling doctorsIf you are a healthcare provider that still has not adopted electronic health records (EHR), now is the time. With technological advances, we are reaching a tipping point where companies need to modernize or get left behind. Healthcare Information Services offers EHR solutions that increase efficiency, maximize revenues and improve patient outcomes. Here are seven ways your company will benefit immediately from EHR:

1) Better records. As accurate as a physician's notes might be, they will never be as accurate as data entered on a computer. With more accurate medical records, fewer mistakes are made, patients benefit and you save money.

2) Better patient outcomes. Patients who receive high quality care more likely to return the next time they need medical help. EHR solutions ensure that all patient information is at your fingertips, just a click away. Patients will notice speedier service. With EHR, there is less chance of files being misplaced or lost, ensuring comprehensive and error-free care.

3) Attentive doctors. EHR solutions allow physicians to spend less time making and filing notes, and more time visiting one-on-one with patients. When you adopt EHR, your doctors are freed up to spend their time doing what they do best: offering top quality care to their patients

4) Adaptability. The next time your practice overhauls its data system, the transition will go seamlessly if you have EHR. EHR solutions can be integrated smoothly into any system, meaning that your records will adapt to your way of doing business, and not the other way around.

5) Billing accuracy. EHR can save you large amounts of revenue when it comes to billing. Many insurance claims are denied if they contain even minor errors. An electronic system automatically generates claims information for you. You'll never miss a filing deadline again, and all information you provide wisssse amazingly accurate.

6) Lower supplies costs. One major downside to paper records is that they cost money, both to produce and to store. Once you adopt EHR solutions, you no longer have to buy paper, files and filing cabinets. Your practice will be run more efficiently, and you won't have to worry about your growing supply of files down the road.

7) Lower staffing costs. EHR means a more streamlined staff. Instead of paying administrators to spend too much time filing, they can work only as long as you need them. You'll cut down on overtime costs and run a more efficient practice.

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