The Benefits of a Quality EHR

EHR implementationA quality EHR is a great way for orthopedics to manage their practice. The software enables orthopedics to access practice specific forms, as well as data such as lab reports. This makes the software ideal as it can improve efficiency. 

For those looking to purchase an EHR, here are some of the many benefits it offers. 

Ease of Use: Not all EHR's are created equally and not all EHR systems are easy to use. This can be a help or a hindrance in improving efficiency as orthopedics look to integrate a productive EHR into their current workflow. With SRS EHR, more orthopedists use this EHR solution than any other system in the nation. Not only is SRS EHR easy to use, but with that ease-of-use, there is increased profitability.  

Versatility: Another great feature about EHR software is its versatility. Practices can customize it based on their speciality. For orthopedics, this is ideal as it becomes easy to access the information without sifting through multiple screens or separate programs. The seamless interface to a PACS for instance, speeds up a physician's productivity and allows for a more efficient workflow. 

Cost: An EHR system is a great way for practices to reduce costs. By purchasing the SRS software practices will see increased productivity, which will save money over the long-run as you will be able to see more patients. Learn more about lowering your costs, and improving your profits with our complimentary ebook, Four Ways to Improve Orthopedic Practice Profits.

HIS has a deep understanding of orthopaedic workflow, and we draw from years experience in which we have worked closely with orthopedists. With SRS EHR, the value of productivity and speed is understood and made a priority. 

To learn more about how HIS can help you enjoy the benefits of SRS EHR, feel free to contact us or leave a comment below.  

Learn more about why More Orthopedics are using SRS than any other EHR in the country!       


Photo courtesy of David Castillo Dominici