Questions a Physician Should Ask Before Outsourcing their Billing

Questions to Ask When Outsourcing you BillingOutsourcing your medical billing management is an important decision for any healthcare provider that shouldn't be taken lightly. As a major source of revenue for your company, you can't afford to put your medical billing into the wrong hands. If you are a physician considering getting some extra help to manage the business side of your practice, you would be wise to ask a few questions of any prospective billing service. When you do eventually find the right one, you'll see your claims success rate jump, and you'll have more time to meet with your patients.

Does the company have a proven track record?

A revenue cycle and medical billing management service is only as good as its track record. Look for a company with experience in the field and that has a high success rate for claims and appeals. Don't be afraid to ask for references. Handing over your billing should not be done lightly, and you want to make sure you make the right decision. Healthcare Information Services has been managing billing for more than 30 years. We have excellent claims rates, and we always appeal claims that are denied. With a team of dedicated professionals, we ensure that you are getting the maximum revenue you are entitled to.

Does the company employ certified professional medical coders?

Any medical billing management service that does not employ certified professional coders should be a red flag. Certified medical coders are recognized by a professional body as being experts in their field. They have rigorous training and maintain up to date knowledge of industry norms to ensure that all of your claims are filed accurately and on time. HIS employs only certified professional coders. Our team has a clean-clames rate of 98 percent, so you can be sure that we're doing everything possible to get you the reimbursements you deserve.

Does the company maintain open communication?

When it comes to revenue cycle and medical billing management, communication is one of those intangibles that is difficult to evaluate until after you have signed a contract. Nonetheless, it is an important consideration. The last thing you want is a company doing your billing that is unreachable at crucial times. At HIS, we understand the importance of open communication. We provide support for our systems and services whenever you need it, and we are committed to being available whenever you have important inquiries. Your revenue cycle and bottom-line is our top priority, and we value the trust you put in us.

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