How to Know When Your EHR is Failing

EHR SolutionsIn the fast moving, constantly changing medical field, electronic health records (EHR) are quickly becoming a necessity for the modern practice.  An EHR system helps makes storing patient data simple, billing a breeze, and improving patient care a definite.  However, if you have already implemented an EHR you may find that what you've purchased isn't meeting your practice's needs.  There are several things you can look for to determine if your EHR is failing:

  • Doesn't meet your workflow needs - Every medical practice is different and each has a different workflow that the EHR should adapt to. If you find that you cannot modify your EHR to fit your practice's needs it may be failing.  You shouldn't be forced to adapt your practice to the EHR; instead the vital features of the system should be compatible with your existing workflow.  HIS offers solutions that adapt to your needs and make implementation and modification seamless and simple.

  • Isn't user friendly - If doctors and other medical support personnel are having difficulty entering patient data and medical information your EHR may be failing.  If a system is overly complex a physician may be spending an inordinate amount of time attending to the data entry instead of meeting the patient's needs.  SRSsoft from Healthcare Information Services (HIS) is an EHR system that is extremely user friendly.  It allows doctors to get away from the computer and back to their patients.

  • Lacking customer support - Over time, the communication and response from your EHR's vendor shouldn't wane.  You should be receiving comprehensive and careful responses from your vendor regardless of how long the EHR has been implemented.  HIS proudly serves every practice that has chosen SRSsoft and seeks to meet each customer service need quickly with a high quality response.

  • No impact on patient care - The foundation for every medical practice is to provide top-notch patient care and to implement programs that support this goal.  If you find that your EHR is adding to the workload of the medical professionals in your practice and detracting from patient care, it may be failing.  HIS will not only save your practice money and boost efficiency, it will also help to refine and improve patient care.  

Your EHR should be making your medical practice a better place to work and care for patients.  If you find warning signs your EHR is failing, it is time to consider a new system.

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