5 Things to Avoid When Choosing an EHR

Choosing the Right EHR

As you decide whether investing in an electronic health record (EHR) system is right for your medical practice, you've likely learned that there are several key features to look for.  But have you determined what things you should try to avoid when deciding on a system?

Since this is a considerable investment for your practice you should be on the lookout for these 5 things to avoid:

  1. Complicated software platform An easy to operate EHR allows a provider to quickly and efficiently interact with the software program without detracting from a patient's visit.   HIS boasts a software program that is highly efficient, yet completely practical, and meets the needs of an individual provider.  The software platform is designed to flow smoothly from screen to screen without requiring extensive additional data entry. 

  2. Doesn't adapt to your practice's workflow Many practices choose an EHR program that appears to be an ideal solution, but in reality it may not match their workflow needs.  Each practice is different and the system needs to adapt to its needs.  HIS provides a software platform that can be modified to match your practice's workflow.

  3. Time consuming data entry Inefficient and time consuming data entry reduces the productivity of the practice and can impact patient care.  The SRS-EHR from Healthcare Information Services is focused on providing practices with a program that is streamlined and effective at consolidating data entry.   

  4. Doesn't share data effectively A medical practice needs an EHR that works at all levels, including both the medical and business side.  In order to maximize reimbursements, maintain patient records, and manage workflow all inputted data must be easily accessible and conveniently shared across the EHR.  HIS provides an electronic health record system that efficiently shares all inputted data to all employees who require access.

  5. Inadequate reviews and references During your EHR research you've likely read hundreds of reviews and many, many references.  Make sure you look closely at both the number, quality, and enthusiasm of a product's reviews.  These give you a good first idea of how other practices feel about using the EHR.  HIS proudly provides a national network of references who are thrilled to share their positive experience using the SRS electronic health record.

How can you tell if your EHR is failing your practice? Self-evaluate your EHR or Request and SRS-EHR Demo.

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