SRS-EHR: An All-In-One Solution for Busy Orthopedists

SRS-EHR: All-in-one solutionWith electronic health records quickly becoming a necessity for orthopedic practices, finding EHR solutions that work for you and your patients is of paramount concern. While there are a variety of EHR options to choose from, too many are narrowly focused, not taking into account the multiple needs of orthopedists. Only the SRSsoft EHR delivers all-in-one service designed specifically for orthopedic practices. Healthcare Information Services is the only reseller in America of SRSsoft, and with more orthopedists successfully using SRS more than any other system in the U.S., SRS is the best all-in-one solution for your practice.

Unified Desktop
One of the reasons why SRS-EHR  is the most popular choice among orthopedists is the unified desktop, an innovation that can save your practice time and money. The unified desktop integrates your EHR, practice management, PACS, patient portal and transcription into one easy place. Instead of shuttling between a variety of applications, doctors using SRS-EHR have all their patient data integrated on one screen. With all the information you need right at your fingertips at once, your doctors will be less likely to make costly errors, and will spend less time at their computers and more time seeing patients.

The main reason SRS is adopted by so many orthopedists, is because SRS does not slow you down. SRS offers productivity increasing solutions helping physicians attest to meaningful use and increase their workflow efficiencies. The bottom line is that SRS-EHR is a productivity based system that allows orthopedists to worry about their patients, instead of worrying about operating the system.

Transcription Options
Part of being an all-in-one solution is offering other services that compliment EHR solutions. In particular, SRS-EHR is optimized for easy integration with medical transcription. With the revolutionary SRS Snippets program, orthopedists can dictate small amounts of patient information without having to repeat large blocks of text that occur frequently. Physicians save time, and patients win out by having cleaner medical records and more time spent with their orthopedists.

For all-in-one EHR solutions that orthopedists need, SRS, delivered by Healthcare Information Services, is your number one choice. We make sure all of your relevant information is integrated in one place, making your job easier, and your practice more efficient.

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