What Should a Government-Certified EHR Offer?

What Should a Government-Certified EHR OfferImplementing electronic health records is one of the most important decisions you can make as a healthcare provider. EHRs can simplifying your paperwork and reduce your workload, helping you spend more time with your patients! But here's an important factor to consider... not all EHRs are created equal. No matter what medical services you offer, getting a system that is government-certified has numerous advantages, including increased access to government subsidies and grants, robust functionality, speed, enhanced data analysis, and claims rates.

Here are 3 things a government-certified EHR should offer:

Functionality and Speed

Electronic health records should always be designed to be easy to use and functional. A good system helps you track patient medications, tests, lab results and demographics, while also allowing for interoperability across a variety of platforms. The only way you be sure to get a system designed for optimal use is to get one that is certified by the government. Certification means that the EHR has been tested and officially recognized by a government body as effective and high-quality. At HIS, we are proud of our electronic health records system. It is designed to give you comprehensive data that you can access quickly and easily.


Robust Functionality

With the proper government certified EHR, you will have a vast array of tools you can use to help run your practice more efficiently. A government EHR should offer functionalities such as:

  • Track patient demographics

  • Medications

  • Patient History

  • Manage lab and test results

  • Offer e-prescribing


Access to Government Incentives

One of the most important reasons for making sure your electronic health are government-certified is monies that are available. A government-certified EHR should offer software and tools to help you achieve meaningful use requirements, giving you access to government incentives. Healthcare Information Services' SRSsoft system is certified by the government as a complete EHR.


Why are all of these factors important? Bottom line: they will enable you to focus on what you love to do, helping your patients.