Overcoming EHR Implementation Barriers

Overcoming EHR BarriersElectronic health records, are quickly becoming a standard part of orthopedic practices. As an efficient and quick system, an EHR allows doctors to transfer patient medical records without hassle or delay. Still, there are barriers to EHR implementation that keep some service providers from adopting. Some providers worry, for instance, that EHR means having to learn a completely new computer system, leading to delays and decreased revenues. Healthcare Information Services helps you overcome these barriers with an EHR system that is easy to learn and efficient to use. HIS is the only reseller in the nation of SRS High Performance EHR.

According to HHS.gov, the top barriers to EHR implementation include (1):

  • Lack of national information standards and code sets

  • Lack of available funding 

  • Concern about physician usage 

  • Concern about Patient Outcomes

Here are some simple ways to overcome each of these implementation obstacles...

National Information Standars and Code Sets
According to HHS.gov, as we head to the future, "a national health information network, consisting of regional health information organizations that freely exchange information" is a goal! This includes updating coding standards, such as ICD-10. The more we work together, more information we can share, and the more valuable EHRs become.

Lack of Available Funding
EHRs cost money.  You have to account for hardware, software, implementation, and system maintenance costs. The main thing to remember, it is possible to "demonstrate positive ROI" with the implementation of an EHR that is fitted directly to your needs. Additionally, HIS offers a bundled option, where when you bundle your EHR and RCM services in one, there are zero upfront costs.

Concern About Physician Usage

A common barrier to EHR implementation is having to teach your doctors and staff members the new system from scratch. If done improperly, this can be a slow process that eats away at your time and profits. At Healthcare Information Services, we use EHR technology that is easy to learn. Physicians and support staff have found our SRSsoft technology to be more functional than that of traditional "point and click" EHR systems, making for a seamless transition. In addition, we will provide unlimited training to your entire staff, making sure they are confident using your new EHR system before you go live.

Concern About Patient Outcomes
Some service providers worry that EHR implementation means less face time with patients, as doctors must spend more time entering numbers on a computer screen. In reality, the opposite is true. Because the SRS-EHR software offered by Healthcare Information Services is so easy to use, doctors actually spend less time worrying about the computer system and more time seeing patients and helping them get better.

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