Enhanced EHR Security Features

HIS EHRWith electronic health records (EHR) more common than ever, medical service providers have to be careful that patient records are secure. When medical data exists, not on paper but in computing clouds, there is always that risk that data can be compromised, which can have devastating consequences for patients and physicians alike. Fortunately, the best EHR systems now use advanced and enhanced security features to ensure that patient records are safer than when they were printed on paper and stored in locked filing cabinets. In particular, SRS-soft, from Healthcare Information Services, uses the most up-to-date security features available.

Segregated Networks

As long as a computer network is being shared, it can always be hacked, no matter how up-to-date its security features are. New electronic health record systems, such as SRS-soft, use dedicated, segregated networks for their EHR. As a result, patient data and records can be shared between medical service providers through an Internet cloud. Because the network is separate and secured, patient data cannot be compromised, even though it can be transferred easily and effectively.

Firewalls and Anti-Virus
Part of protecting electronic health records from outside threats is having a robust firewall and anti-virus software. When threats to patient data come up, advanced software is notified of the threat immediately, and takes quick action to shut it down. SRS-soft ensures that firewalls and software are always up-to-date, and provides security patches on a regular basis to stay one step ahead of the hackers. 

Risk Assessments
Sometimes the most enhanced security features are based not in software developments, but in common sense protocols. All the software in the world is not good enough if it is not being used properly and methodically to keep EHR safe and secure. SRS-soft conducts regular risk assessments to check for vulnerabilities in the EHR system. When flaws are detected, they are dealt with swiftly by updating software and reviewing employee protocols.

Customer Service
As much as managers of EHR systems can try to keep their patient records safe, sometimes the users of the software systems are in the best position to detect and evaluate threats. To this end, SRS-soft has extensive customer service to keep in touch with users of our electronic health record systems, and to respond to feedback and reports of security breaches. By partnering with our customers, we ensure all hands on deck when it comes to security.