E-Prescribing Implementation Update

CMS: e-prescriging MLN MattersThe following is an industry update, recently sent to current HIS radiology clients:

Progression and Implementation of Meaningful Use and E-Prescribing

With the progression and implementation of meaningful use and e-prescribing in our industry, like many things, there are some complications in the process. These complications may or may not affect you and your radiology practice.  As always, HIS is proactively working with industry associations and other healthcare professionals, to make sure we are ahead of the game. We are also working hard to ensure that our clients best interests and their welfare is being protected during this transitional period.   Recently, we were notified by the Healthcare Billing Management Association that (HBMA) that that some physicians, who should be presumptively exempt from the 2013 e-prescribing penalty due to their specialty (i.e. radiologists and pathologists who do not bill using E/M codes), are showing up on the IACS list as being subject to the e-prescribing penalty.


Where is the Disconnect?

HBMA has insured HIS that they are diligently working to investigate why this is happening, and and to find the disconnect.   HBMA will report its findings to HIS as soon as more information is available.  When the findings are reported to HIS and we have answers in hand, we will in-turn share any decisive information with you.
The link below will lead you to the MLN Matters article, CMS issued on the e-prescribing exception process.  This article may provide additional information which may be a helpful tool in answering any questions you may have.