Top Ways for Radiologists to Increase the Accuracy of Their Billing

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For any medical service provider, reimbursements are the lifeblood of its revenue stream. For radiologists, billing presents a unique set of challenges. With so many specialized procedures and medical codes to stay on top of, documentation, denials, charge capture, coding and many others can get lost in the shuffle. The best way to increase the accuracy of radiology billing is to partner with a firm that specializes in managing the revenue cycle of radiology practices. Healthcare Information Services has the experience and expertise to provide accurate and improved reimbursements through a variety of successful strategies, including employing certified coders, establishing coding and documentation education plan with physicians and a robust denial management program.

Certified Coders and Documentation Education

Inaccurate coding is probably the point where most radiologists and other medical service providers most lose out on revenue opportunities. With highly technical codes that change frequently it can be difficult for a busy radiologists to keep up with. HIS established a coding and documentation education program as a core aspect of HIS' Revenue Cycle Management Services. This program improves documentation which in turn allows for proper coding. This partnership program leads to increased reimbursement levels while improving compliance. The medical coders and educators at Healthcare Information Services are all certified, meaning they are recognized by their professional organization as being leaders in their field. In particular, HIS also employs coders certified in radiology. As a result, we have a better than 98 percent claims success rate, which means fewer errors in claims and more revenue hitting your bottom line.

Partnership for Success

Choosing the right revenue management service is about more finding the lowest bidder it is about selecting the organization that provides the greatest value. You want to partner with a company to handle your radiology billing needs that works diligently with your physicians to improve processes, policies and overall profitability. To help facilitate the health of your revenue cycle, HIS Radiology billing department establishes a personal relationship with your radiologists and practice. By creating a partnership centered around open communication and mutual success, HIS ensures that the lines of communication are always open, improving the efficiency and accuracy radiology billing, unifying goals and improving revenue streams.

Denial Management

Too often in a Radiology practice, revenue is lost because of missed deadlines and denied claims that are never appealed or followed up on. To combat these instances, HIS has a robust system of policies and procedures to identify accounts, flag upcoming deadlines and a process to appeal and diligently work all denied claims. This includes the small balances; because going after just the big dollar amounts can lead to an very unhealthy a/r. Because we have systems dedicated to ensuring that these claims, reimbursements and revenues are not ignored, Healthcare Information Services can ensure that your radiology billing is up to date and your revenue cycle is healthy and efficient. With systems such as these in place, accuracy of your Radiology Billing, reimbursements and overall profits of your Radiology practice will rise. 



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