How To Successfully Manage An EHR Implementation

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The implementation of an electronic health record system can seem like a daunting task. Many medical service providers imagine months of on-the-job training, during which patient volumes drop and revenues plunge. Unfortunately for some, these horror stories are true, but for most they are the extreme exception. When managed properly, EHR implementation can be a successful and relatively seamless transition that can increase your efficiency and improve patient satisfaction/outcomes. The most important decision occurs early on when you choose an EHR system. While there are many systems out there, you want to choose and EHR that is right for your practice and your specialty.


EHR implementation can end up costing medical service providers time and money when they arrive as rigid structures. In these cases, physicians and staff have to spend weeks learning an entirely new system. A high quality EHR, on the other hand, conforms to your existing workflow. With SRSsoft provided by Healthcare Information Services, you tap into a robust system that is easy to use and is flexible to the way that your and your partnering physicians practice. The workflow can be individualized to each physician and provider. There is no one workflow that works for all, so why try to force all to conform.  In addition, HIS provides extensive training for your staff to ensure that the transition is truly seamless and enjoyable. The contract states in writing "unlimited training". It is this approach that has lead HIS and SRS to a 100% success rate in implementing busy high-performance physician practices. 


Like a bad friend, some EHRs deliver the goods and then disappear. Fortunately, this is not the case with Healthcare Information Services. When we set your company up with SRSsoft, we stand behind our services, offer support any time to assist you in the transition. If your staff has trouble with any aspect of the EHR implementation, application or workflow, we'll be there to provide technical an emotional support.

SRS has a number Klas ranking in support and is known for its nation-wide network of satisfied users who can attest to it. 

References and Experience

You can never be sure something is right until you try it, but you can trust others who have gone through an experience before you. HIS is proud of its extensive network of national references. Contact some of our clients who use SRSsoft, and we're confident they'll tell you about their seamless EHR implementation. With over 20 years of experience, HIS has developed the trust and expertise to do the job properly. Unlike other vendors, we do not just have a few handpicked references... we offer up our entire client and user list across the nation and allow you to choose who to call. Our dedication to our clients, products and service has allowed us not worry about what they will say.

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