International Day of Radiology

IDoRToday is the first International Day of Radiology (IDoR).  It will mark the 117th anniversary of the discovery of the X-ray in 1895, and also serve to recognize the advances in patient care made by radiation therapy oncologists, radiologists and medical imaging professionals since that time.

This International Day of Radiology is sponsored jointly by European Society of Radiology (ESR), Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) and American College of Radiology (ACR). They will together host a wide range of international activities to mark the event along with almost 79 medical societies in more than 38 countries. These include 42 European national radiological societies and 12 European sub-specialty and allied-sciences society.

The International Day of Radiology is aimed at raising public awareness of the benefits of radiology, and is the successor of the European Day of Radiology recently established on  February 10, 2011 to commemorate the death anniversary of Wilhelm Röntgen who discovered X-rays on Nov. 8, 1895.

The initiative is all about building greater cognizance of the importance of radiology in safe patient care, medical-imaging, MRI-scans as well as biological and technological research. The main theme is Oncologic Imaging, which will reflect the importance of medical imaging in cancer management, from detection to prevention and treatment to monitoring.

Radiologists are physicians who analyze conditions using medical diagnostic imaging equipment. And, while they may not be the most visible members of medical teams, they provide the other team members with information that is critical to effective patient care.  This is done not only through standard x-ray equipment, but also through Computed Tomography (CT) and Medical Image Resonance (MRI)

Medical imaging saves lives, time and resources and costs less than invasive surgeries, have reduced unwanted hospital admissions, exploratory surgeries and hospital length of stay.

So please join us in celebrating the International Day of Radiology.






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