How Hurricane Sandy Affected Radiologists

Radiologists Hurrican SandyBeing ready for a disaster is extremely important, and in the past, healthcare facilities have sometimes overlooked disaster preparedness until it is too late. 

Brian Casey, AuntMinnie’s Editor in Chief, stated, “The massive storm system raking the East Coast is having a major impact on the world of radiology.  Hospitals have put disaster preparedness plans into place, with at least one facility -- NYU Langone's Tisch Hospital -- forced to evacuate due to a power failure.”

Pat Moore, CBCP FBCI, states, in HIMSS’ article Disaster Planning for Healthcare Facilities, “We all know that no one suffers a disaster in isolation. Nowhere is this more obvious than when a disaster affects a health care facility, for it exists within and for the community in which it is based. Whether or not it is directly involved, in order to respond appropriately the health care facility must know what is expected of it and what it can expect from the community.”

Hurricane Sandy is a startling reminder that radiologists need to be ready for disasters. 

Is your radiology group prepared in the event of a disaster?

Here are some helpful resources to enable your group to prepare for any future disasters:

  • AuntMinnie
  • American College of Radiology
  • Disaster Planning for Healthcare Facilities from HIMSS

Additional radiology resources:

  • Healthcare Information Services Radiology Blogs
  • Healthcare Information Services Radiology Resources


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