Medical Transcription Solutions

med transcription solutions HISThe transcription of dictated medical information is fraught with the potential for difficulties ranging from slow turn-around time to excessive cost to actual transcription errors - often associated with differences in language, dialects or accents.  When selecting a transcription service here are some points to consider. 

Customer Service: Responsive customer service is essential to the success of any business, but this is especially true in a highly competitive business like transcription services.  There should be a single point of contact so that the practice knows who to call if there is ever a problem.  And the opposite holds true as well.  The transcription service should have a single point of contact to call when they have issues also.

Consistency: Most transcription services have a number of different people with varying backgrounds doing the transcribing.  It is essential that the service you select has effective quality control measures in place so that there is a consistency in the quality of the output regardless of who does the transcribing. 

Cost Effective: All elements of the transcription service must be optimized to produce the best turn-a-round at the lowest possible price. 

Compliance Requirements: Compliance requirements are complex and costly.  Developing systems and processes that comply with regulations is essential, but once they are in place, compliance should become routine as long as the systems and processes are maintained and updated on a regular basis.  The transcription service must train their personnel on the compliance requirements for HIPPA and other regulations and that training should be verifiable to clients.

HIS is pleased to provide medical transcription services that are comprehensive and cost-effective.  This is accomplished with our partner, Emdat.  Emdat streamlines output, optimizes workload and creates value by reducing the total cost to document.  With our transcription service we provide:

  • Increased Business Profits With Competitive Pricing: Emdat’s exclusive time and cost-saving feature, Qualified Text, takes common text found within documentation and automatically populates the characters, offering two major benefits: increased profits and improved productivity.

  • Enhanced Marketability: Emdat allows transcription providers to offer EHR interfacing that maximizes medical facility and clinician productivity, while maintaining Meaningful Use.  Minimizing operational change is imperative and is top of mind for all busy practices.

  • Enhanced Business Operations Efficiency: With Emdat’s transcription services, a few simple clicks can reroute work, calculate transcriptionists productivity, and gather the data needed to invoice clients; streamlining what was once painstaking office work.