Will a GEM Be Beneficial for Your Practice?

ID 100168374General Equivalence Mapping or GEM, as it is popularly known as, is a translation tool that will help make transition from ICD-9-CD to ICD-10 a smooth and hassle-free one.  It must be mentioned here that ICD-10 has a completely new structure with a novel set of diagnosis and procedure codes that promises maximum efficiency, reduced cost, lesser errors and discrepancies and better data acquisition and storage.

Why does your organization need mapping and conversion?

GEM, the data map is excellent for the coding system and facilitates the reuse of data effectively and provides perfect semantic interoperability that is essential to attain meaningful interchange of standards, data sets and settings between the ICD-9-CM and ICD-10 crosswalk.  We, at Healthcare Information Service (HIS) understand that these GEM maps are capable of helping your organization achieve this goal.

Mapping and your organization

International Organization for Standardization defines mapping as a process of associating terms or concepts from a certain coding system to terms and concepts in another coding system while explaining their correspondence in accordance with a given purpose and documented rationale.  ICD-9-CM to ICD-10 conversion is mandated by the Department of Health and Human Service of the U.S government and has certain intrinsic benefits as it expands the diagnosis coding directory, thus adding details and specificity.

Who uses GEM and why is GEM beneficial for your organization?

GEM, in short, is an all-inclusive translation dictionary which can be used to effectively and accurately translate ICD-9-CM data along with quality-tracking, reimbursement calculation, mortality/morbidity recording and of course, converting any relevant data to ICD-10-CM/PCS and vice-versa.

For payers, GEM will help create accurate definitions of the services rendered by the healthcare professionals.  For patients and physicians, it will help in better diagnosis and thus, proper course of treatment.  GEM is extensively used by providers, payers, HIM professionals, utilization managers, informatics professionals, researchers, software vendors, developers of the quality measures and quality managers.

How will your organization use and benefit from GEM?

Most importantly, your organization will use GEM to decipher ICD-9-CM codes to the official ICD-10 codes using the convert version of 26.0 of the Medicare Severity Diagnosis Related groups.  It can also be used to convert Medicare Code Editor to the native OCD-10-CM/PCS and to create drive built ICD-9-CM to ICD-10-CM/PCS crosswalk for reimbursement.

GEM will help compare translated data for varied purposes which include long-term clinical studies, researches and epidemiological purposes along with cost and equivalent reimbursement calculations.  This will also facilitate refinement and conversion of ICD-9-CM applications related to clinical risk grouping, quality measures, payments, coverage edits, policies, case management software and more.

We here at Healthcare Information Services will help select the GEM that works best for your organization.  Our trained professionals understand the differences that needs to be reconciled while linking the coded data.  This will lead to the creation of more accurate detailing of the services rendered, besides encouraging detailed sharing of information across the healthcare industry.

GEM can also be used to help convert any applications containing the ICD-9-CM codes and can be used to translate any historical data like quality measures.  Combined GEM will also help any small conversion ventures with access to original health records, detailed clinical information, strategic planning, forecasting and general education.

GEM will use two methods of transition- either direct or an applied mapping method which will operate between the two sets of coded data.  With the implementation of the ICD-10 looming large over the healthcare industry, why not hire certified coding experts from Healthcare Information Services (HIS) and reap higher revenues as they will show you how GEM is indispensable for your organization.