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Is Your EHR System Up-to-Date, 5 Questions You Need to Ask

Posted Jun 3, 2015

ID-100129763-1Updating, upgrading, or replacing an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system is no small task.  It requires a solid understanding of all the "what-ifs" and "how-tos" necessary to effect a successful transition as well as a smooth transfer of crucial patient information.

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Meaningful Use ICD-10 EHR Practice Management

Avoiding Meaningful Use Penalties

Posted Jan 20, 2015

ID-100219376If you are a Medicare eligible provider, you are undoubtedly aware of the requirements for attesting to meaningful use (MU) of electronic health records (EHR) in your medical practice or hospital.  There are consequences for failing to attest to Stage 1, and problems facing those who are now entering Stage 2 of MU.

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Meaningful Use EHR

EHRs Play Critical Role in Radiology Decision-Making

Posted Dec 29, 2014

ehr_medical_recordsAs the use of electronic medical records (EMRs), now electronic health records (EHRs), becomes more prevalent, users are beginning to really understand their ultimate value and critical use. One of the most illuminating ways EHR data is helping out the healthcare industry is in their aid with decision making.

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Radiology Health Information Services EHR

7 Great Tips for Securing Personal Health Information

Posted May 19, 2014

number_7Healthcare professionals deal with sensitive patient information on a daily basis. Under the Federal HIPAA guidelines, it is the duty of medical professionals to keep patient information and records secure. In the modern age of technology, however, keeping electronic health records protected takes a concerted effort.

Here are 7 things to keep in mind to improve your office’s EHR security.

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Reducing Documentation Costs for Physician Practices

Posted Apr 2, 2014
ID-100181544Stagnant reimbursements and rising costs make finding ways to improve efficiency a critical initiative for healthcare providers.  Documentation costs for physician services can represent a very significant expense.  Better billing processes and more efficient management of electronic health records (EHRs) could help turn the tide. Upcoming changes to billing and coding, along with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act will make hospitals and physician practices turn to efficiency improvements as a way to cut costs, without cutting the quality of services.Billing and Coding Changes
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EHR Practice Management Billing & Reimbursement