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CMS Pushes EHR Meaningful Use Deadline Back One Year: What it Means For You

Posted Dec 31, 2013

Meaningful_UseElectronic health records (EHRs) are designed to help improve the efficiency and transparency of healthcare providers, and increase communication between all parties involved in healthcare. The Centers For Medicare & Medicaid Servces, or CMS, has set deadlines for healthcare providers to show meaningful use of these EHRs, divided up into stages. On December 6, CMS extended the deadline for providers to meet the requirements for Stage 2.

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Meaningful Use EMR

AAOE 2013: Enhancing the Profitability of Your Orthopaedic Practice.

Posted May 21, 2013

Profits HISThe American Association of Orthopaedic Executives (AAOE) recently held its annual meeting in San Diego.  One featured speaker was David Wold, CEO of Health Information Services, Inc. (HIS).  The topic of Wold’s presentation, given on April 29, 2013, was: Enhancing the Profitability of Your Orthopedic Practice.

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An In-depth Look at Our Medical Transcription Solution

Posted Mar 28, 2013

Med trans HISAccurate documentation of each patient encounter is the foundation for all healthcare providers' businesses and partnerships.  Medical transcriptions serve as reference for diagnosis, treatment, continuity of care, and billing activity between healthcare providers.

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Medical Coding EMR

Why It Pays to Get the Right Hardware for Your EMR Implementation

Posted Jan 13, 2012

EHR SolutionsEHR implementation has the potential to affect a transformational change to your practice. Workflow is streamlined, errors and inefficiencies are greatly reduced, and increased revenue is generated when an integrated approach is utilized that combines the humanity of the healthcare industry with the power of technology. The key to success is to establish a partnership with an organization having a reputation as an industry leader. Healthcare Information Services, LLC has the ability to work with your practice to ensure that your EHR implementation provides you the maximum return on your investment. 

HIS technology experts begin by identifying the right hardware for your practice's requirements. Hardware is the foundation of your system, and putting the right hardware in place means state of the art security, speed, and accessibility for your practice's system, allowing you to share information with other healthcare professionals, payers and providers without worrying about HIPAA violations, viruses and system security breaches due to hacking. 

Most importantly, your IT infrastructure must be compatible with your EHR hardware. HIS utilizes networking experts who will partner with you to achieve the optimal results from your EHR implementation. HIS project managers will work directly with your physicians to discover the unique needs and challenges of your practice, selecting the optimal hardware for your business. Too much or too little hardware is problematic; too much and you lose revenue due to under-utilization. Too little hardware and you run the risk of system failure due to overload, resulting in problems ranging from loss of service to breach of security. 

The right hardware ensures that your EHR implementation has the foundation it requires to meet (and hopefully) exceed the needs and expectations of your practice.

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EHR- Performance Improvement and Patient Safety

Posted Nov 18, 2011

EHR Safety and PerformanceIn the medical field, advancement in technology continues unbarred. With hopes of finding the best solutions that give rise to dependable practitioners who provide quality patient care, the search never ends.  There is always room for improvement whenever mistakes occur and flaws are seen.

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