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Business Analytics for Radiology

Posted Dec 23, 2014

IAnalyticsn today’s competitive healthcare environment, radiologic service providers must operate under increasing requirements and constraints as they face decreasing resources and reimbursements. Consequently, they must continuously demonstrate values to their clients and look for ways to continually make improvements. Service providers must go beyond simply managing operations and measure upgrades in their processes as it relates to productivity, efficiency, quality, and safety.

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2015 Digital Mammography Reimbursement - What to Know

Posted Dec 10, 2014

2015_Digital_Mammography_Reimbursement_Changes_-_What_to_KnowRadiology service providers continue to experience a rapidly-shifting professional landscape, which has led to sizable cuts in Medicare payments for advanced imaging and other diagnostic imaging procedures. Recently, the RBMA’s Payor Relations Committee (PRC) sent out an alert to RBMA members that warn of potential changes in the proposed rules that can have a potentially negative impact on digital mammography payments in 2015.

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The Importance of Time in Orthopedic Patient Payment Collections

Posted Oct 27, 2014

Time_for_Othropedic_Billing_PatientsWhen it comes to collecting payments for orthopedic services rendered, time is the enemy.  As time passes, the likelihood for reimbursement decreases. What can a practice do to ensure the collection of payments?

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Credentialing Effects on Reimbursements for Orthopedic Practices

Posted Oct 20, 2014

credentialingOrthopedic practices often suffer from revenue stream issues stemming from a number of different causes. The reimbursement process is complicated enough without holding it back due to issues within a practice, and yet there are common concerns which plague orthopedic practices if not carefully monitored. One of these issues is the credentialing process for providers.

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A Starting Point For a Bundled Payment Program

Posted Oct 10, 2014

Starting_PointThe Bundled Payment initiative is slowly winning health executives over. Initially it was just Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) “trying out” the program, but now commercial payers are starting to evaluate the options of aligning their services in readiness for bundled payment. Everyone wants to reduce costs and if it’s bundled payments that are going to get us there then that’s the way to go.

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